Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life 2014: Cover Page

I am excited to be starting Project Life again this year. 

This time with some revised - more realistic - expectations. 

You can read more about my plan in the Project Life Tab above.


I used family photos taken for our Holiday Card.   Since we were wearing Red and Grey, that became the color scheme for the Cover.  

The card inserts are mostly from the Midnight Edition Core Kit as well as pieces from the Studio Calico Monthly Project Life kits

I wanted to embellish with Black Numbers and Letters, but I didn't have any.  My solution was to modify some existing chipboard numbers/letters. 

The ones I used had an antique map print.

I temporarily stuck them to a leftover piece of plastic packaging.

Then I squeezed on basic black glitter glue.  This is not scrapbook glitter or glue - just plain craft glitter glue that you get in the kids craft section.  

It goes on very goopy, but have no fear.  You don't need to spread it out evenly when you apply, it dries perfectly flat.  I did go back and add some extra in spots where the beige showed through.  

The finished Black Glitter chipboard letter.  

I think it's a great transformation.  You would never know it was the same brown letter I began with. 

One of my favorite parts of the cover - was actually my Least favorite to begin with. 
I added this blank (Happy Thoughts) card because it gave the right amount of both grey and white to balance the page, but I had no idea what kinds of Happy Thoughts to include.  

I ended up including a few thoughts that I want to be the focus of our year of 2014.  Like a little Mission Statement for our family.  A simple reminder of some simple things to keep us (and by US I mean ME) on track.

It's only Tuesday - and I've already gotten Week 1 done as well.  I'll be posting about that next.

I'm off to a good start - fingers crossed it continues this way.  


  1. (Sorry to be commenting on such an old post!)
    Followed a Pinterest Pin over here, and just wanted to tell you that I goshdarnit love this page! The colors are fantastic and the Happy Thoughts card is perfect!