Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine Card Round-Up

... "Now that Little K is in Middle School" ...

I seem to say that a lot these days.  It's true - they really do grow up so fast.

Most times I'm excited to see how she has matured into a beautiful and kind young girl who is confident and independent.

Other times - I miss some of the Good Old Times from when she was in Elementary School.

One of those times is Now - around Valentines Day.

We LOVED making Class Valentines Together.

Here is a Round Up of some of our favorites we made in Past Years:
(click on the links below each picture for details)

If you have kids in Elementary School - it's time to start thinking about making those Valentine Cards.  Hope these ideas spark something creative in you.

If Not - I am always happy to consult.  I've got dozens of Kid Valentine Card Ideas that I'll probably never get to make.

In Middle School - they send each other flowers - Aaargh.  
It's way too soon for that. 


  1. Such cute cards! It is a little sad that those little things go away as they get older.


  2. oh karina these are adorable!!
    must say though...tweet tweet is my fav!!:)
    have a happy day

  3. Love the puppy dog ones! I'm going to see if Loralei wants to actually make cards this year!