Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Mantle

I have a small box of Valentine Decorations. They used to share the same box as the Easter Decorations, but when my Easter Decor expanded last year, the Valentine goodies got moved to another box:

A Plain Brown Box
A Box that is quite small compared to all the other boxes in my garage
An Unmarked Box
A Box that was nowhere to be found in the very large pile of mostly Christmas boxes

Just when I thought we were going to have to celebrate Valentines Day without any decorations - I spied that Little Brown Box. Sitting in the corner, carefully tucked out of harms way by my sweet hubby as he was putting away the Christmas stuff - just waiting for me.
Sweet Man of Mine.

And so - we decorated for Valentines Day. Pretty much everything went up on the Mantle in the Family Room.

Valentine Mantle Almost

This is how the fireplace usually looks.


The brick goes from floor to ceiling with a shallow mantle also made of brick.


It's very shallow. Just barely deep enough to hold a few votives. It makes decorating a bit of a challenge because basic things like candle holders and books won't fit.


The hearth is decorated with a basket of firewood some Rustic Green bottles.


I've collected and made the Valentine decorations over a period of several years, and this is the first time they have been displayed all in one place. Without even realizing it - I've got a bit of a bird theme going on.


Cute little Love Birds found on clearance a few years ago.

Love Birds

I made this banner from pre-cut shapes found at Michaels (I don't think they have them anymore). They already had the holes drilled in them. All I had to do was embellish with scrapbook papers and string them together.


The edges were painted and distressed. Buttons, ribbons and flowers were used to embellish the letters. I used a white paint pen to add stitching details.

Love Banner

I also made a paper heart wreath at the same time, using the same scrapbook papers.

Heart Wreath

A simple heart shaped frame made from cardboard was embellished with a variety of punched flower shapes. Buttons, ribbons and brads form the flower centers.

Paper Heart Wreath

Once the mantle display was all put together, it still seemed a little off balance. There was something else needed on the other side by the ceramic birdie plate (found at Safeway/Dominick's just this year).

So I rummaged through all my things and found a cute pink painted flower pot (previously used as a pudding cup at a birthday party). I thought about putting some red flowers in it, but I had none on hand, and really wanted to finish this project without having to purchase something new.

How about a red tissue covered ball sitting atop the flower pot?

Sounds good, but I have no styrafoam ball to use as a base - and also no red tissue paper.

I have an idea

But I do have some extra round light bulbs (from several houses ago that I will never use so please don't ask why I'm still keeping them).


And I have red (and pink) napkins. Those will work.

Napkin Flower Supplies

So I made a bunch of red napkin paper flowers. Using the twist and fold method that I'm sure you have seen done before. I cut the napkins into 1" - 1 1/2" strips and just twisted them around in a snail shape, starting with the center and working my way out.

Napkin Paper Rose

A little glue on the light bulb holds them in place.


Because they are made of paper - and easily manipulated, you don't have to worry about filling in the gaps between the flowers.


You can just squish them together until the gap is covered.


The finished paper flower ball (or in this case - light bulb).

Be Mine

I added a few layered buttons to the flower ball for some additional interest.

Paper Rose Potted Ball

And that completes our Valentine Decorated Mantle.

Valentine Mantle Final

Although I am thinking about making another larger napkin flower ball to sit on the hearth next to the green bottles.

But first I have to go buy a styrafoam base, because I don't think I have a light bulb that big.

Looking for some Valentine Decorating Inspiration? Check out all these fantastic ideas at Beth's Valentine Mantle Linky Party.


  1. Lovely decorations Karina! The paper flower wreath is really sweet.

  2. LOVE everything about the Mantle. That wreath has me drooling! And what a clever idea using a light bulb!

  3. Whoa! Can you come for a holiday and decorate my house? Your decorations are gorgeous!

  4. So fun! I always struggle after Christmas with the lack of coziness when the decorations are all down. I needed some Valentine inspiration.

    I love birds too! My ballerinas are getting on me that they are starting to take over the house. :)

  5. Love this Karina!!! I adore that wreath you made, so so so darn cute. And the lightbulb and tissue paper flower? Genius!!

  6. I love, love, love the wreath!!

  7. Your mantel looks super cute! I love the paper wreath! And the paper lightbulb that's creative...using what you have on hand!

  8. The lovebirds are my favorite!

  9. that light bulb idea is so EASY and great! i need to try making these rosettes one time - they are so versatile!

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