Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For My Brother

Today is my Big Brother's Birthday.

Recently he has been writing some lovely poetic tributes for each of our family members on their Birthdays. I thought about sending him a Poem that I composed for him, but couldn't put the words together quite right.

So I decided to give him a Birthday tribute in my style - using pictures.

He is all these things and much more:


My Brother
(created using Wordle)

Happy Birthday Keith!


  1. Why do my children always do nice things that make me cry?

  2. Wow Karina...this is really cool! Did you print it and make a card out of it? Just curious! I love it! I keep seeing this Wordle...I might need to try it! :)
    Happy Birthday to your brother!

  3. I like the collage of items you put together for dad. Very creative!! Miss and love you!