Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: January

A photo taken every Hour, for Ten consecutive hours, on the Tenth of the month. You can read more about it here.

More than Dew

Chilly way to start the day - even the morning dew was frozen

Pink Piggy

Little K's Bento Lunch

Bench Monday

Bench Monday: Stand on a Bench, Wear something pretty, Extra points for live props, Double points for chickens. Come join the fun

Giving them out

Yep - I'm a hugger - one of my favorite Christmas gifts

A Quiet Nook

A quite corner


12:00 already - where does the time go?


Baxter - he's a Red Bellied Parrot and it's his 14th Birthday this month


All the Christmas decor packed up and put away - except for one (Argh)


Creativity tools


Salisbury Steak for dinner


  1. Your pictures are fabulous! I'm dying to know what a bento lunch is?!

  2. Karina, if you could bottle your creative spirit and sell it, you'd be a kajillionaire!!

  3. how cool is that piggy lunch?! and i love that pear!

  4. Waht a treat to share such vivid glimpses of your day, Karina! Beautiful bento and bird!!

  5. karina- shut up with that lunch!!! you should be doing those for magazine sor something...or working on your own coffee table book...i'm serious, you are so talented! love this set!

  6. Beautiful photos and very cute bento! Your profile made me smile because you sound like me :)

  7. I always love your sets and your bentos!!! Someone I followed did Bench Monday, but she never explained it so I never understood what it was. I'm going to have to check it out.