Monday, January 25, 2010

Ooh La La

Little K was invited to a Birthday Party where the theme was "Pink Poodle in Paris". I had some ideas of what to get the Birthday Girl. We had a "Back to the 50's" party for Little K a few years ago, so I had done some poodle shopping before.

Somehow as we were talking about what gift to get, the conversation morphed into the grand idea of making her a Clothespin Doll - so that's what we did.

I wasn't thinking - I shouldn't have painted the base pink - because when it came time to make the polymer clay Poodle - pink would have blended in. So we ended up making it a White Poodle (who just happens to look more like a Labradoodle). Close enough!

I think my favorite part are the glasses. The Birthday Girls wears them, so of course her look alike doll had to have them as well.

I also like the beret a lot - but I think I made 6 other versions before I got it just right, so I'm still a little fed up with it to like it very much.

I'm working on another one right now - something else I have never attempted - but it's coming along very nicely - so stay tuned.

I was going to close with some cute french saying...but I have no idea how to spell in French (or English for that matter) - so I think I'll skip it.


  1. karina this is soooo pretty and such a special gift, i bet the birthday girl will LOVE it! it doesn't need a saying (perfect as is) and i hear you re: french spelling anxiety (haha), but i actuall also think the post title (Ooh la la!) would be cute on there...

  2. Eek! Trop mimi! I only know this one 'cuz cvalou always posts that on flickr!!

    Karina, this is sooooo sooo cute and darling. What a talent.

  3. This is such an amazing gift!! I like the beret and the glasses are such a cute detail! You do amazing work Karina. Can't wait to see what you have to share with us next!

  4. So glad you got that poodle out of the oven safely. :) It's fabulous Karina!