Friday, January 8, 2010

All That...and a Box of Doughnuts Too

I you have never had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut - I'm sorry.

I first had them about 12 years ago when I was on a Business Trip in New York. One of the vendors I was working with brought them to the meeting we were having (along with fresh squeezed orange juice). Luckily, I'm a girl who can keep my wits about me during a stressful situation - because man-oh-man was it hard to concentrate on the business at hand when that amazing box of fluffy freshness was just inches away - calling my name!

Yes - I know what you are saying. They are just doughnuts, come on, how good could they be? I can't explain it - you just have to try one to know. And if you can eat them while they are hot, fresh off the line - all the better. You can even watch them being made, fried, dropped, glazed all the way down the line.

(photos from Krispy Kreme Website)

Just in case you haven't figured out how much I love these things - I just discovered another reason:

I heard through the grapevine that they will give a FREE doughnut for every A Grade that a child receives on their Report Card. So we decided to give it a try. I didn't look it up first to see if it wast true (because, you know we needed an excuse to go on a doughnut run anyway). I also wasn't sure if Little K's report card would qualify since she is graded on a Number Scale of 1-4 vs. Letter Grades.

But it did. That's her report card...and that's the big box of a dozen that we purchased, and a small box of FREEBIES on top that Little K earned with her grades.

I'm not a big fan of rewarding with food, no matter how good it is. We also don't have any kind of set reward (like money or gifts) for report card time. Trying hard, and hopefully having it reflected with Good Grades is just what is expected. However we do try to give tons of praise, brag about her accomplishments to the Grandparents, share with her all the positive comments discussed with her teacher and generally encourage and appreciate her efforts. It's what works for our family. So in this case, I was perfectly fine with Little K bringing home a box of glazed goodness of her own.

Her good grades were motivated by her own drive to succeed (with maybe just a little parental nudging), and not for any specific reward. The doughnuts were just the icing on the cake - or should I say Glaze on the Doughnut.

I encourage you to seek one out and see for yourself. It will be worth the trip, however long it takes. But be careful - you'll find yourself going back again and again.


  1. Girl...we are soul sista's!!!! I love some Krispy Kreme!!!! Yum~

  2. Mmmm, this was one yummy post. I agree that there is something special about Krispy Kremes, and hot from the oven with some good coffee....OMG.

  3. Oh I LOVE Krispy Kremes! They are the best. That's very cool about the report card. I'll have to remember that!

  4. I have had krispy kremes and they are melt in your mouth GOOD!!! It's been a while but maybe i'll have to make a stop this weekend. Thanks for enabling me, Karina!!

  5. first of all, congrats to little K on her grades! and i agree with you that these krispy kremes are small pieces of heaven... once i had the good fortune, while visiting a friend in atlanta, to be at a krispy kreme when they had the "hot light" on -- donuts fresh off the donut assembly line! could NOT be better!

    karina, i have an award for you over at -- you don't have to do the ten things, since you recently posted such interesting factoids on your flickr self portrait, but i just wanted you to know how much i love your pictures and your blog and your little life anecdotes, so that's why you were on my list of recipients :-)