Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love Packages

It never fails - every time we make a trip home to visit family - we seem to forget something. Luckily my Mom know this, and as she's cleaning up after our onslaught - she simply gathers up the little bits we have left behind - boxes them up - and sends them out to us.

It's nice to have our belongings returned, but it's even nicer when the package contains some extra fun little goodies.

This time - she included these adorable Bendable Kitchen Utensils.

Have you ever seen anything so cute? Look at their feet - they are suction cups so they stick to the counter.

I think she intended for them to be for Little K - but hubby has been having just as much fun with them. Every time I go into the kitchen, they are in a new position.

To answer your question...NO - they have not yet been used for cooking.

So THANKS Mom! The whole family is enjoying your fun surprise package.

(Sorry - I just couldn't resist)

PS - They are made by Fiesta and they are called "Head Chefs". I found them on Amazon here.


  1. LOL!! Love those and love your pics.

  2. These are so cute and unique, love the post and cute photos! Your mom sounds just great!

  3. OMG too cute!!! The little bums are the cutest!