Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun Find

I got these adorable green Ramekin Dishes some time ago at the Dollar Store. I didn't expect them to hold up very well (you get what you pay for), but there were the best shade of Green and I just couldn't resist.

I've had them for a few months, and used them over and over again. Much to my surprise, there is not a single chip or crack. I've even baked in them. They are great for Dips and Salsas, I grab one when I need to Scramble an Egg, and last night we used them for Taco Toppings.

I could have used a few more (for the Salsa, Sour Cream and Lettuce), but for some reason I only purchased 3?

Now I'm off to the Dollar Store to see if I can find any more. Hope I get there before you do, because I might just buy them All Up.


  1. Did you say every women should know how to use a sweing machine? Hehe...I can use power tools till the cows come home but put me in front of a sweing machine and Im a lost goose! I would love how to sew but my sister has all of those skills...smiles~

  2. I'm soooooo glad that you enjoyed the "Boba"!!! Now you know where to find all the supplies!! :o)
    See you and Kendall Saturday at Auditions!!