Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Card Challenge - HBCC #2

I spent some time organizing my Craft Room over the weekend (which is also the Guest Bed Room). I haven't been doing any paper crafting lately, frankly...because I couldn't find anything. I'm happy to say, I'm feeling much more creative now that things are a bit tidy and I'm ready to Get My Craft On!

After seeing all the new goodies I was putting away, Little K decided she wanted to to another Family Card Making Challenge (probably because she won the last one). This time, she wanted Daddy to play along. Being the good sport that he is, he agreed. Although he did make us promise that next weekend we have a "who can change the oil in the car fastest" Challenge. Little does he know, I'm actually pretty good at that.

So here are our submissions for your review and consideration.

We followed the Hannah Bug Color Challenge #2 - Use Dark Grey, Dark Orange and Light Orange.

It's a new Challenge Blog designed for Kids Submissions. Hannah (Lori's daughter from The Pink Elephant) just started the site, so spread the word to all your Crafty Kids - how fun that they can play along with their peers in their own challenges.

Submission #1 - Best Friends

Submission #2 - Smile

Submission #3 - Hello Friend

We also added our own twist. Since we couldn't all fit into the craft room - we pulled a limited few supplies (cardstock, buttons, brads, ribbon, stamps and punches). We brought them to the kitchen table and that's ALL we were allowed to use. No one could go into the craft room and dig for the perfect button, or get just one more bling. We had to share the supplies and use only what was on the table.

Considering those limitations, I think they turned out pretty good - and very different.

Feel free to leave a comment on which one you like the best. The winner gets Braggin' Rights (but beware, there may be a re-match in the works already).


  1. Gary must be #2. There is no way you (or Kendall) would staple the ribbon at the top.

    My personal favorite is #1.

  2. What a trooper Gary is!! I love #3 that shows all the tricks of Karina, but I cannot decide between the other two, I'll go opposite to Robbin and say Gary is #1. Looks like fun though, hope there is room for 4 at the table.