Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cat Vomit and Other Fun Stuff

Look what I woke up to this weekend. Right in the middle of the bathroom floor, where I was sure not to miss it.

Almost a little too obvious. Come to think of it - Little K was telling me a story the other night of how she once found a little gift like this from the cat. Funny - I don't remember her ever pointing out such a thing for me to clean up.

Can't you just hear it now - "Ewwww Yuckkk - Mooommmm - look what the Caaat did!"

I'm pretty sure she wouldn't just clean it up herself
without telling me. Wait a minute - something is going on here!

Yep - I was the unsuspecting recipient of a practical joke engineered by Little K and Daddy. Thanks to the help from this

If Fake Cat Vomit isn't your thing, these
books are still great. Although you might be surprised. I wouldn't have thought Little K would have been interested in this (pretty gross for my girly girl), but she was on the floor laughing like a maniac just waiting to see my reaction.

These books are filled with all sorts of fun stuff that we used to do as kids, using things around the house. You remember, back when we had free time and had to entertain ourselves, and when even the simplest things were funny and interesting. Things like:
  • Make a Lemon Powered Clock
  • Train a Dog to Shake Hands
  • Modern Women Leaders
  • How to Negotiate a Salary
  • Rules of the Game - Basketball
  • How to Blow the Biggest Bubble
  • Pressing Flowers
  • Campfire Songs
  • First Aid
  • Boys
I'm not sure how our lives became so complicated and scheduled with activities, but reading these books with Little K reminds me of my childhood, and has been great fun for all of us. For those of you who have Boys, not to worry, there's a book for you as well.

Humm - I hear giggling upstairs. I think those two are up to something again.

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  1. That is too funny! Your family is just like ours, filled with practical jokers. :) Love your bentos on Flickr, such an adorable panda!