Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Sleepovers

I love sleepovers. Especially at this age (Little K is 8). The kids can pretty much take care of themselves. When you have an only child, having a friend stay over is quite a treat, plus it makes my life easier because they entertain each other (which means I can actually get something done).

But my favorite part about sleepovers is breakfast. I usually try and make something just a little bit home made (do pancakes from a mix count?). This morning is was fresh berries, sausage and pancakes with butter and warm syrup. There is always enough left over for me, which is probably why I'm willing to do it.

Aren't these juice glasses adorable. I've had them since Little K was just a few years old. They are from World Market. They still sell them, but now they are made of plastic and back then they were actually made of glass. More practical YES, but as cute...I think NOT. Surprisingly I still have a full set of pig, cow, cat, dog, bee and ladybug.

The berries were super fresh and delicious.

I love how little girls appreciate the silly details (which is what I love to do). I made individual heart pancakes with the bit of batter that was left.

We used this cow jug, which I think is supposed to be for cream, to serve the warm syrup. I should have taken a photo AFTER breakfast...he was a sticky, gooey mess but the girls had a blast making him MOO syrup.


  1. Beautiful and yummy breakfast!

  2. So cute, Karina! I want to come have breakfast with you!! I can't wait until Kayla is old enough for sleepovers. Your breakfast looks delicious.