Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Salsa

If you come to dinner at our house, you might just hear my dear hubby say "if you like what you are eating...too bad, because it can't be made again".

I have a habit of 1) Not following recipes and 2) Not writing anything down when I make up a new recipe.

This is my attempt to change that. I didn't have anything planned for dinner, but had picked up some chicken breasts and corn on the cob earlier. I think I was originally intending to make some kind of chicken corn enchilada soup in the crock pot...but that didn't happen. I decided instead to just grill them up with a little seasoning (both the chicken and the corn on the cob).

I boiled the corn first, then put it on the grill with the chicken just the char the outside a bit.

As I'm rummaging through the fridge to see what else I can serve, I come across the following ingredients just calling out "use me before I turn to complete mush":

2 Nectarines, 1 Mango, 1 Cucumber, and 2 Tomatoes (previously picked from the garden)

add to that some fresh Herbs (Italian Parsley, Basil, Mint) also from the garden

and the juice from 1/2 a grapefruit (taken from the neighbors, we have oranges, they have grapefruits)

plus some hot sauce, salt, pepper and onion powder

Chop them all up - mix together - taste for seasoning, and I ended up with a really yummy Summer Salsa that was delicious on top of the grilled chicken breasts (that I pounded just a little to even out the thickness so they would cook faster).

I have some salsa leftover, so I think I will add avocado cut into chunks (I'll have to go to the market for that), and some frozen shrimp (always some in the freezer) and I'll have Summer Civeche tomorrow.

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