Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pincushion Swap - What I Sent

Here are a few photos of the Pincushion and sewing supplies I sent to my partner for Sandra's Summer Pincushion Swap.

We were not to contact/notify our swap partner before we send our package, so the recipient of my package doesn't know who or where it's coming from. I love surprises. I received my package from Dolores in Toronto (see earlier post).

This package is being sent to Joke in the Netherlands. I hope she likes it. I wasn't able to learn much about her from her blog, but I was told that she likes the colors Blue and Rose and she enjoys Quilting, Machine Embroidery and Cross Stitching.

The package I sent included a few Fat Quarters and Floss in her favorite colors, Aida Cloth for Cross Stitching, a cute little Quilted Bag (not made by me), and some super soft matching Socks as well as the Pincushions. I also had to include a handmade Note Card.

The Pincushion is just a basic design, but I really liked the Rose Pink/Peri Blue color combo, and I think Joke will enjoy the romantic floral pattern. I used two different vintage buttons, the one showing here is my favorite (so I made that the top), it has a little etched leaf pattern in the button. The bottom is actually a 3rd contrasting patterned fabric in pale pink with roses. The decorative pins were purchased with my card making in mind, but I though they looked perfect in the Pincushion, so they are going along as well.

Here are all the goodies packed up and ready to be shipped. I just missed the Post today, so the package will have to wait until Monday to be sent. Hopefully it won't take tooo long to arrive in the Netherlands. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. I hope it gets to her quickly, wow you've done a great job too :0) I'm sure your Swappee will be so pleased. Hugs!

  2. what a lovely lot of swap partner is a lucky girl...hugs Khris