Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Woodland Party Decorations

I love putting together a themed Party - and I usually handle all the elements myself {invitations, decor, flowers, food, games etc}.  Planning and executing all those details are what I love the most.

What I'm really bad about is:
1)  Taking pictures of all those elements (because I'm usually rushed right to the last second)
2)  Posting and sharing (see above)

I'm playing a little Catch Up on the Woodland Party that we hosted a while back.  Today I'm posting about the DECOR.

The dining table was set with Tree Stumps, Green Glass, Candles, a Mini Terrarium, Woodland Creatures and lots of moss.

You can see the INVITATION that set the theme here.  

I found several woodland creatures - each made from grass and twigs at Hobby Lobby.

I nestled them in beside the tree trunks all around the centerpiece.

 I have a big assortment of apothecary jars that come in handy when entertaining.  Usually they hold some sort of snack or desert.  This time I used one to create a miniature woodland scene filled with Mushrooms, Moss, Twigs and Stones.

It sits atop a huge stump and is guarded by a pinecone hedgehog and some acorns.

Another tree trunk supports a mossy pot filled with white and green flowers and the highest stump is used as a holder for a large 3 wick candle.  Keeping it high above the wood and moss ensures there will be no fire like we encountered last year

Even though the tree stumps had cured for quite a while - I set them on glass trivets (not directly on the table) so that no moisture mark the wood table top.  Bits of moss and ferns filled in the gaps.  

The table was set Buffet Style - with utensils and plates at one end - and food platters around the centerpiece. 

The rental company even had these fantastic forged iron silverware pieces.  They look just like fiddle head ferns - couldn't be any more perfect for this Woodland Theme. 

In the Living Room I put together a simple wood bowl of seed and twine balls, an old mason jar with more green and white flowers and a large green glass candle holder. 

This color theme was very easy for me to put together without purchasing anything New - because Green is my Favorite Color.  All of these things were tucked away in my closet.  I love the impact that a simple color scheme can make when you pull like objects together.  Green + White + Wood = Fantastic Rustic.  

Each of the guest tables had a small centerpiece incorporating the same Woodland elements.

 Moss, green plants and bright red mushrooms. 

 A tall glass vase from the Dollar Store works as a candle holder - with a tree branch and votive inside, and wrapped with jute.

The base is a craft store wood disc covered with scrapbook paper (same one used on the invitations) and distress inked on the edges.  Everything is hot glued in place. 

Lucky for us - we live in a wooded area so the tree stumps and branches (and even the moss) are easy to find.  But if that is not the case for you (as it would not have been if we were still living in Arizona)  - I have noticed lately the craft stores now sell raw cut slices of wood to support this current Woodland Trend.  

There are more details of the Woodland Party to share - so I'm off to do more photo editing.  Stay Tuned. 

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