Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life: Cover Page

I am embarking on Project Life.

If you are not familiar - you can read more about it here on Becky Higgins' blog.

In a nutshell: it's a simple way to document your everyday life.
An answer for those that have become overwhelmed by all the fancy scrapbook creations out there, but still want a to preserve their family memories.

What I LOVE about this project - is that it can be whatever YOU want it to be.

Title Page

It is designed to be a photo a day - 365 project (or in the case of this Leap Year....366). The page layouts allow for one photo - and one journaling card for each day.

Who am I kidding - I'm not anticipating that I will accomplish that - so I'm setting a less lofty goal. I'm allowing myself to let this project turn out be whatever I feel like.

It will probably be a combination of:

~ Documenting life around me from a candid point of view (like this project from last year)
~ Posed pictures of my family and friends
~ Finding the beauty in our every day life (like Rebekah's Ten on Ten)
~ A Few Bench Shots
~ A Few Fence & Flare Shots
~ Some Instagram pics
~ Mementos, Notes, Lists, Quotes.......

You get the idea. With this one project - I can do it all.

After initially making our Cover Page - I started blog surfing - and began to feel my basic page was not up to par. It needed a little more bling:

Cover Details

So I went back and added some glitter, buttons and washi tape embellishments.

Then I read this post entitled "Eye's on Your Own Paper!"

Translation: Don't be influenced by what everyone else is doing. There will always be someone doing something (that you think is) better than you.
Be true to yourself - and don't worry about the rest.

Boy - did I need to hear that!


This is the completed Cover Page. It's Done - and I'm Happy with it.

I haven't decided if this is for Little K (so she will have something to remember the moments of her childhood), or for Me (so I don't forget), or for Hubby ( to keep him informed about the little things that fill our days).

I suppose it's all of the above.

Special Thanks to my flickr friend everydayus for introducing this project to me. I'm thrilled to be doing this together with her - sharing ideas and inspiration - across the miles.


  1. Your first page is so beautiful! I love that quote you found! I use to scrapbook...but never ever finished a book! I think Brady's baby book has 7 pages done. I would go to scrapbook get togethers w/ friends, look at their books and decided mine wasn't good enough. I have started making yearly photobooks online and that seems to work for me since there are less decisions to make as far as layouts go. I do think the project life books are so neat. Good luck w/ yours!

  2. Yay for Project Life! I LOVE your cover page - I like that you did all the photos in Sepia with those cute tags. I could learn a lot from you and your cool looking blog :)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and became your newest follower! I like connecting with other moms and I love the fact that you scrapbook too. Project Life is wonderful especially when life gets busy! I am working on finishing up last years. Need to order for this year yet... Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. It's beautiful but you make my head spin. Mom.

  5. I am quite impressed that you are starting a Project Life. I have considered doing one for this year too, but I can't imagine documenting all that is happening with my family. Most of the things are stuff we really don't want to remember! I think your first page is gorgeous and it doesn't need any more bling. I look at finished scrapbook pages and get that same feeling you have at times, but those super blingy pages just aren't me or my style. Stick to your style that you are comfortable with. You do beautiful projects Karina! Love you, Martha

  6. I wish I was more organized, and crafty. I think your Project Life is wonderful, and from what I can see, the photos of your family are so beautiful! I love that bit of advice about eyes on your own paper. OK, I just noticed your age and I have got to tell you, no way, I always thought you were so much younger. You are gorgeous!

  7. Lovely as always! FYI, not only are you and I the same age, but Scott & Gary are the same for Little K she's right in the middle of Ben & Kate in age. Ooh the coincidences just keep coming!

  8. WOW..i have been seeing things about Project Life lately and that is pretty awesome. your first page is beautiful!:)
    have a happy day karina

  9. I feel bad. You gave me all of the info on this project and I just can't. Your cover is fab! And now that I've had my eyes on your paper, I'm doomed. This is too much for me. It's one thing to TAKE pictures. Quite another to do something super creative with them after. PLEASE keep sharing your progress though. I will live vicariously through you.