Friday, January 13, 2012

Little Lunches

I've been asked recently if I still pack bento lunches for Little K.

The answer is Yes - although they have become less creative (and therefore requiring less time) lately, so I don't often take any pictures.

I find it harder during the winter months - when the fruit and vegetable selection is not as varied - to come up with new ideas. Not to mention that my Bento Stash is much in need or re-organizing.
note to self: put that on the To Do List

Here are a few pics I took over the past few weeks.

Bologna and Cheese Stacks

My favorite Laptop Lunch container. It's not in the true Bento style - but the little compartments kind of qualify it as a bento.

I was excited to see cherries at the grocery store - yay - something different than the usual carrots and grapes.

The cut outs on the bottom are bologna and cheese with crackers. She's not a bit cheese eater (that's why they are small ovals).

One tiny little begonia blossom that hasn't been frozen out yet - added as a garnish (not to be eaten).

Fruit Veggies and a Spotted PB & J

These are my other favorite containers. I got them at the Daiso store when we were in San Francisco last year.
Everything just seems to look better in a round container.

Fruits, veggies and another begonia flower blossom.

The top round has a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (cut into a round) with polka dots from cinnamon sugar (left of after making breakfast that day).

I'll get back to making more fancy lunches soon, but in the meantime...You can see more of the lunches I have made over the years - over there ------> in the Bento Lunch Gallery (it's links to my flickr set).

You can even find one of my creations published in the Laptop Lunches (Dec 2011) Newsletter in the "from your kitchen to ours" section.


  1. Glad you're still bento-ing! Those look wonderful. I know what you mean about the slim pickins in winter.
    Still you managed to make them look bright and cheerful!

  2. These are so cute, and such an inspiration for me to think about when I start packing Boyd's lunches. The round containers are really cute! :)

  3. Karina, you are so creative! I can't imagine how exciting it is for your daughter to open up her lunch and find such prettiness! Where can I find a laptop lunch container?!

  4. Your lunches are amazing!!! So colorful and pretty. I don't know if I could eat it. Who am I kidding...I could eat it. Those cherries look yummy!