Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dry Run Sunday

Monday is the first day of school around this area. Little K spent the weekend organizing her school supplies and picking out her favorite outfits for the week.

No matter how much preparation we do before, or how early we get up, the First Day of School is always rushed.


Little K hates to be late. So that means I don't get a whole lot of time to take pictures.

Which makes ME grumpy....

Which makes Little K grumpy....

On the Front Bench

Which is NOT a good way to start off the year.

So this year I had a (dare I say) Brilliant idea!

Why not take pictures the day before?

Kind of like a dress rehearsal - to work out all the kinks - and be sure everything is accounted for.

A Dry Run (on Sunday)!

She's Done

Little K was able to take her time, try out different hair styles without being rushed, and pick out just the right accessories.

Lunch Box

We discovered her skirt didn't have attached shorts (so we needed to dig a pair out the dirty laundry and get them washed before Monday) - much better than the alternative....

New Shoes

I was able to take all the pictures I wanted.

Fifth Grade

In all different locations throughout our yard.

Kicking Back

So much easier to get a genuine smile when you can take your time (and when I'm not screaming....SMILE).


For those of you that think I'm a little Anal - or a Control Freak - or borderline Obsessive.


But it if works for us.
And we have the time.
And reduces our anxiety and stress.
Then why not?

Those Eyes

On Monday morning - we can take our time getting ready and enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast. That's a much better way to start the First Day of School.

OOPS - did I forget to mention that we're hosting a First Day of School breakfast for all the families on our street.

So maybe it won't be completely stress free Monday - but at least I'll have some great pictures of Little K (and she'll be wearing clean shorts).


  1. What a great idea Karina!
    Little K looks adorable...what a cute outfit!
    Hope your breakfast went well this are one FUN mom to do this on the first day of school!

  2. Very cute and what a great idea to host a breakfast for the first day back. Very fun!!

  3. She is just too cute! I miss you both! I hope to see you very soon. This is Lexie Jones by the way :) tell Kendall I said hi!

  4. You are a genius Karen!! Little K is absolutely beautiful...growing into a lovely young lady!! Blessings for a fabulous school year!! Hugs- LORi

  5. These are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful girl! I love her Toms. And love, love, love that B&W of her from behind. Hope she has a great year! And I sure hope you'll post about your breakfast. I know it will be all kinds of beautiful.

  6. Great idea! And you got such lovely portraits! She is beautiful. And I hope she had a great first week of 5th grade!

  7. Another GREAT idea!! This is so up our ally. I could get WAY better pics of the girls if they all weren't worried about being late!:)
    Doing this one next year for sure.
    Ok, it's official, I'm your newest follower!
    Looking forward to more great ideas.
    have a happy day

  8. These are stunning pictures! I hope K has a great first day back!