Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Breakfast

We live on the end of a street that has 5 families that all go to the same Elementary School...so everyone gathers at our house and takes the Annual Back to School Photo on our front steps before heading off.

(I giggle at the term Annual - since we have only lived here a year....but that's why I love our neighborhood)

This year I invited everyone over for Breakfast before Shool:

Scrambled Eggs
Belgian Waffles
Orange Juice
(and a little Champagne for the parents)

Plus some extra muffins and sweet goodies contributed by the neighbors (thanks ladies)

School Sign

I saw this free printable at eighteen25 a few months ago (around Teachers Appreciation time) and thought it would be a perfect reminder on the first day of school.

So I printed up a bunch, framed them and had them all around the kitchen. I just loved the bright and cheery colors - and coordinated a few other things to match.

Food Trays

I found these colorful food trays at the dollar store years ago (back in the playgroup days). We don't use them as much anymore, but they worked out great for our group of 15.

I didn't realize that the kids don't get their school lunches in trays like these anymore....so they all thought it was pretty cool. May have to start bringing them out more often.

Smartie Pants Treats

I made some treats for each of the kids - for their First Day of School.

collage of treats

There wasn't much time to pull this all together (we only just returned from 3 week trip to Pennsylvania a few days before), so I kept it simple. I'm already planning on some even cuter treats for next year....

First Day Signs

Blank signs were made for each of the kids to write their grade on (oops - sorry for the bad photo...I was a little busy)

I would love to show you a beautiful picture of all the kids perched on our front steps with these adorable signs....

That didn't exactly happen:

One had her sign turned backwards
Several were making bunny ears
Only half of them would smile
There were a lot of squinty eyes (too much sun)
One went running off in the middle of the picture
Another held her sign in front of her face

But I love that group photo...that's how our mornings really are.
And I'm OK with that
(because I got a whole bunch of great photos of my kid the day before - hee - hee).

the gathering

The Walk

And so we went - off to school. Some walking, some riding bikes, some running ahead...and the parents following behind (with Mimosa's in hand).

We've been in school for a week now. Back to our regular routine - and loving every minute of it.

How was your kids first day of school?


  1. Love it Karina! I am amazed by the last photo since it looks like the kids are walking down a country lane to school. Which reminds me....maybe a trip to Sac is in order to check out your new surroundings!

  2. What a wonderful post and idea. Each photo is delightful too.

    Thank you for visiting with me at Shutter Sisters. xo tam of www.blissandfolly.com

  3. I love the Back to School breakfast idea! Neat decorating and goodies. Hope Little K has a great year!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! :)

  4. Love it! How festive and what a great way to start off the year :)

  5. Hi Karina,
    I have popped in before, just coming by again to say hi. What a great idea!! I love all the printables you did, and those trays....from the dollar store...i would have bought a ton too!!
    I agree with Holly, that last picture is great!
    have a happy day Karina

  6. Karina, these pictures are wonderful, love all of the colors. I am in love with that print you have framed. The words are just beautiful, and so perfect for the first day of school. The Smartie snack bags are great too. You are so creative!

    happy sunday!

  7. tee hee...yep. I had visions of great back to school photos too. But all the same things happened. Squinty eyes are my worst enemy here. And wet hair. Oh well...I got what I got.

    Love those smarties treats! Wish I'd seen this sooner. Maybe I can do something like this around standardized testing season. :)

  8. your breakfast turned out so cute. how fun for the kids' first day! thanks for the link.

  9. such a beautiful post! walking the kids off to school with mimosas in hand...what a hoot!