Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Card Holders

Monday is Valentines Day - so that means the craft fairies are hard at work at our house.

Little K will be making her Valentine Cards over the weekend - so we'll have to share those later.

I've been working on a little craft project for the kids to collect their cards in.

Valentine Card Holders

Made out of paper gift bags and shapes from construction paper. The larger shapes are drawn for the kids - they will just have to cut them out. The smaller shapes are already punched and will be included in their "kits".

Love Bug

I'm pretty sure the Love Bug was originally an Oriental Trading craft. Don't you just love their ideas? If I didn't have such an aversion to fun foam, I might actually purchase more from them. Our projects are made from paper - no fun foam to be found here.


I wanted to give them a choice, so there will be Panda kits as well. I had to buy the black gift bags individually (more expensive than the bakers dozen of white bags available at Michaels), so there won't be as many Panda's to make...I sure hope I don't have a riot on my hands - because he's awful cute (yep - that a puffy little panda tail up there).

I'll also have plain white bags and shapes available for those kids who want to "freestyle". I'm amazed at how much the 4th graders still like crafting - even the boys. Especially the boys!

I'm looking forward to crafting with the kids on Monday - now I have to get back to putting all those bits and pieces together into kits for them. Oh, how I miss the days when there were just 20 kids in a class (sure I'm not the only one).

Have a great weekend - hope you are creating something fun for Valentines Day as well.


  1. Since we are a healthy choice school, no Valentines parties for us - which is too bad because I think these are super cute!! Can't wait to see the valentines Kendall makes as well!

  2. Super cute!
    And, I'm son only has 17kids in his class.

  3. So cute! Do you have templates to print out for the panda? Love it! I want to do this with my son's 1st grade class. :)

    1. Sorry Emily - I don't have any templates available, I simply drew the shapes freehand and used punches for the circles. Have fun making your cute pandas.