Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Valentine

It's been a busy weekend for us filled with all things Valentine.

Sweetheart Ball

Starting out with a fun night spent at the Sweetheart Ball - a fundraising dinner and auction held for Little K's school. Delicious food, great items to bid on (we didn't win any though), and a good time hanging out with neighbors and friends.

Little K had just as much fun at home with the new babysitter, and can't wait for us to go out again.

We still had lots to do before the Valentine Party at school, including making cards for Little K's classmates.

Birdie Valentine

This was the prototype.

Tweet Valentines

The final version of the cards ended up having a few less details. She made two styles - Pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

Valentine Postcard Back

With a postcard style back.

Postcard to ME

She even made one for herself.

While Little K was busy creating cards - I was in the kitchen making snacks. Her teacher requested that any treats brought in be a healthy choice - no cupcakes or chocolate dipped goodies allowed.

Valentine Treats

So we decided on Apples and Cheese. Both with sweet little heart details added for the occasion.


I also tried making some homemade granola using this recipe. The reviews commented how the bars didn't stick together very well, so I just broke it up into chunks.

Granola collage

My first attempt at home made granola - and it's delicious. I used almond slivers, red walnuts, yogurt covered raisins and cranberries instead of the recommended nuts and fruits to go with the red and white Valentine theme. I'll be making this one again.


A few more of our decorations. We call them Heartflakes. Made just like paper snowflakes but incorporating hearts.

Happy Valentines Day - give someone you Love a Hug today!


  1. That granola looks yummy!! Love the cards!

  2. You are just as adorable as those cards! How did you do the postcard backs? I love that!

    And the heart apples and cheese. So clever. You need to do something with your mad skills. You really are amazing, Karina.

  3. Sorry I'm a say late but a happy Valentines day to you! The flu has decided to hit our house so its been a bit ick over here. Praying I don't catch it next. Anyway...I love those sweet little cards. Adorable. I bet her class loved them too! Take care~