Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Holidays Around Our Home

We have been collecting Lladro figurines since we were first married.

Bride and Groom

Our First was this Bride and Groom - a gift from my sweet hubby on our Wedding Day.

Our First

We also started purchasing an annual Lladro Christmas Bell that first year.

Over the years

Over time, they have changed styles of bells and added new shapes.


Nestled in with other simple pastel ornaments and tiny pearl lights.

Lladro Tree

Twenty years later, we have quite a collection. Enough to warrant a separate Christmas Tree dedicated solely to these beautiful bisque porcelain pastel colored treasures.

Our new house has an additional fireplace in the Office/Family Room adjacent to where the Lladro tree is displayed. So that means I get to create an all new mantle display.

I was totally inspired by the mantle Susie created in her home, and used many of the same elements.

Mercury Glass

I had these beautiful Mercury Glass Candle Sticks from a dinner party a few years ago, that I knew would work perfectly with the Pastel Winter Scene I wanted to create.

Office Mante

Using mostly items I already had on hand, and a branch from the neighbors Ash tree that was hanging into our backyard (thanks Walt), I was able to create a simple Mantle display to coordinate with the Lladro tree.

Glass Ornaments

I found these vintage looking glass ornaments at Home Goods. They are huge, and in the perfect assortment of deep pastel colors.

Vintage Glass

One found it's way onto the mantle.


And the rest hang below from white organza ribbons.

Candle Sparkle

The crystals on the candles sparkle like fresh fallen snow.

Tree Branch

I have some snowy white birds that I may still add to the branches (just like Susie did). But for now, only a few tiny glass ornaments adorn them.


An old tarnished silver trophy filled with glittery hydrangea adds a little contrast to all the shine.


The completed Mantle.

Snowy Scene

Across the room there is another snowy scene. Vintage looking paper houses just like I remember being under the tree as a child, and a collection of bottle brush trees.

Most are new reproductions, but the green one is from when my husband was born over 50 years ago (on December 17th). A gift to my mother in law during her stay in the Hospital at Christmas time, that she has since entrusted to me.

It's not Christmas yet, so that means I have a few more days to do some more decorating. I'll be back later.


  1. Gorgeous Karina!!! I love your decor!!!

  2. I love it! I am missing out on all things Christmas this year so it's great to see what you've done.

  3. Awwwww! Karina, you never fail to inspire me! You should write a book and give ole Martha Stewart a run for her money!! ...need to see pics from Kendall's Nutcracker!!!!

  4. Your decorations are just beautiful! I love the calm wintery feel to everything. Well done. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas in your new home.

  5. Your home and decor...BEAUTIFUL!!