Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily - Week One

Happy December

I love this time of year, no matter how busy crazy it always seems to be. With Gary working in retail - and new in his position - we won't be traveling home to visit our family in Pennsylvania this holiday (sniff sniff). Most normal people would take that opportunity to finish unpacking the boxes from our move this summer, or re-paint those rooms that need it. You didn't really think I would do that did you?

With all this extra time on my hands, I decided to create a December Daily Journal. If you are not familiar - you can find out more here from Ali Edwards. My goal is not really to create more work for myself, but quite the opposite. With all the prep of the basic decorated book done before December, throughout the month all you have to do is add pictures, mementos and journaling. Plus to make sure I don't go overboard - I have the guidance of a fellow perfectionist friend to remind me to keep it simple.

The Cover

The Cover:

I used a basic 3" ring binder to hold the pages and sewed a lightly padded cover using fabrics and trim that I already had on hand. That was my goal for this project. To use as many of the papers and embellishments that I already had in my stash. I did purchase more of the basic colors of cardstock, and just a few additional patterned papers, so most of what you will see is not from any current line.


Before We Begin:

I added a pocket page (made from two 8X10 photos adhered around the sides creating a pocket) that included a large family photo on the front, with the basic details on our family at the bottom of the page (ages, address, phone number). I also made a journaling page with a tab to slide inside the pocket that had details on how we came to live in our current home.

That may seem a little strange, but we have moved quite a bit in our married life (7 times in 20 years of marriage), and while Gary is very good about remembering our old addresses, I am not. I often wish I could remember the address of our first home together, so this is a way of documenting those details.

Day One

Day One:

On the left hand side is the back of the photo pocket. I made a collage of other photos from the day we took family pictures for our Holiday Card.

I'm trying really hard to make this process about capturing the memories, and not obsessing about everything being just perfect. But I wasn't happy with the quality of the photos I had printed (I just used a one hour location). They are too dark (they actually look better in this photo than they do in real life). I may end up re-printing that page, but we'll have to see.

The right hand page is what we did on December 1. It's another photo collage of how we spent the evening. Little K will be performing in the Pamela Hayes performance of the Nutcracker, and once a week she has rehearsals at the midtown Sacramento Studio (in addition to her regular classes and rehearsals at our nearby studio). While she is busy dancing her heart out, Gary and I sneak down the street to a little Italian restaurant Michelangelo's for a "date night". The photos are of the restaurant, the desert we had and Little K's sweet ballet feet.

Day Two

Day Two:

The journaling is about how my mom helped me make these little paper stockings for a Christmas party several years ago, and how it made me a little Sad putting them up this year since she won't be able to spend time with us this December. I don't have anything on the left hand page (backside of Day One) yet, but I will probably add some more photos of these holiday decorations.

Day Three

Day Three:

It's Friday - and that means pizza, popcorn and a movie. The left side (backside of day two) is a 5X7 photo of little K doing her favorite thing. Eating pizza and watching TV in the living room.

The Right side page has a pocket made from an envelope. Inside is a journaling tag and more photos of the pizza, snuggling on the couch with the cat and eating popcorn. Did you notice Peanut Butter the cat trying to get in on the action as I was taking this picture (top right).

Day Three

The journaling tag is embellished with a ribbon and the 5X7 photos are adhered back to back so they slip easily into the pocket.

Day Four

Day Four:

This was Saturday. Little K's school had a Winter Wonderland event that included breakfast, the school choir and a preview of the Book Fair. I didn't get any good photos while we were at school, so I ended taking pictures at home of her enjoying the books we purchased that day.

The left hand page shows the books she selected. I think she will get a kick out of seeing what she was reading several years from now. I originally did some journaling on the bottom of this page in my own hand writing. I wanted to include handwriting in this project, since it's an important part of preserving the memories, but I really didn't like how it turned out. I ended up covering it with some computer journaling.

The right hand page is using a 3 part page protector with more photos of her reading. I journaled a bit about the Winter Wonderland event and kept that in my own handwriting (for now).

So I'm now officially done with Week One of my December Daily. It's only December 9th, so that's not too bad - I'm only 5 days behind.

I have ideas of other things to include in addition to photos and journaling, so hopefully those will show up soon. Stay Tuned.


  1. oh, no you didn't. this is so cute Karina. love all the pictures and the notes and wow, i'm ready to ship all of my pictures and notes off to you...this is fantastic! what great keepsakes you are making. this will be so much fun to look back at!

    ps- i was so happy to see a blog update from you! : )

  2. WOW Karina! Your album looks fabulous!!! Looking forward to checking back in to see your other pages.

  3. WOW! This is quite a project you've undertaken. I am so incredibly impressed. You and your daughter are going to love looking back on this.

    How fun that she's doing the Nutcracker also! How old is she? My oldest is 10 and she was a Party Girl this year. She's been WAITING for this role since she was first cast as a mouse 5 years ago. :)

  4. You are so talented Karen!! Love seeing everything you create!!