Monday, April 21, 2014

Felt Pinwheel Hair Clips

 Happy Spring! 

I think Pinwheels are one of the easiest and cutest ways to add a little Spring embellishment.  

I have used them on Cards, as Outdoor decoration and as Cupcake Toppers.

Pinwheel Cupcakes
(read more about this Birthday Celebration here)

Instead of making them out of Paper, this time I made these sweet little Pinwheels from Felt.

Each one is uses two layers of felt cut into 2" squares.

I chose the Felt Color to coordinate with some pretty spring ribbons.

Once the felt pieces are cut into squares - use sharp scissors to cut half way into the center from each corner.

Be careful not to cut too close to the center, just enough to allow the corners to be folded in to make the pinwheel.

Fold in each corner of the pinwheel points and stitch them in place at the center.

This is an easy sewing job.  You could also use glue hold them in place, but because the points are so tiny, it's actually easier to sew them together (the glue added too much bulk).

Next I covered metal alligator clips with the colorful ribbons using hot glue.  They look pretty cute just as they are....but will be even cuter with the addition of the pinwheels.

 The center of each pinwheel got a coordinating button (hot glued in place).

The extra dab of glue holding the button in place, also keeps the sewn points secure.  Sometimes the felt can shred if sewn too close to the point.  The glue ensures everything stays put. 

Once the pinwheels are glued to the ribbon covered clips - you almost don't see the ribbon, but it makes a nice finishing touch to have the ribbon pattern peeking out from behind.
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