Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Got Paid....For My Photo Prints

I have a tendency to dabble in way to many things at once (hence the name of my blog).

Sometimes that means I don't spend as much time (as I used to) indulging my passions.  

This week I was reminded of how much I enjoy taking Still Life Photos.  

Have you heard of Society6?  

A while back I set up a few of my favorite Still Life Photos for sale on their site.

They offer a great collection of all kinds of Artists Images.  The images are available in high quality products (like iPhone cases, pillows, stationary cards) and of course - PRINTS.  

 Much to my surprise - I received a notification this week that Society6 had deposited into my PayPal account for the SALE of my photographic products.

How cool is that?

Somewhere in the world - someone has one of my photographs hanging on their wall.  

 Someone else has 2 of my photographs - made into Throw Pillows - tossed onto their sofa.  

No matter how much I listen to my "inner voice" and allow my personal vision to guide my creative output.  It's still just a little thrilling to think that someone else might like my creations too.  

You can see more of my favorite Still Life Photos on my Society6 Profile HERE.

I'm feeling the urge gather up my favorite things, create a sweet vignette, dust off my SLR camera and get photographing again. 



  1. How exciting! Your pictures are gorgeous of course people would buy them, congrats!

  2. Wow! Congrats! Your photos are gorgeous! From one dabbler to another --- I hear you! I dabble in photography and stamping and painting and furniture refinishing and writing, etc! LOL I finally built a shop on Etsy and had a couple of my photos sold too. It is a wonderful feeling and great confirmation that your passions are appreciated by others! Hope you sell even more!