Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life {2013}: January

I am taking on Project Life again this year.

Last year - I managed to keep up for over half of the year (even though I only posted the first few pages). 

My approach this time is MORE about completing the task of documenting our every day lives (as I believe Becky Higgins intended when she created this idea of scrapbooking) - and LESS about making beautiful detailed pages.  I hope to still be able to do some of that (because I do love the details), but it will be time permitting.

We have last years Album sitting out on the Bookcase - and I am surprised at how often my family picks it up to look through the pages - and the smiles that come from seeing the memories.

That is enough inspiration to keep me going.


I didn't purchase a core kit this year.  My intention is to use papers that I already have - PLUS the Studio Calico monthly Project Life kit (although I'm still on the wait list).

I loved how last years album coordinated from pate to page since I used the Turquoise Core Kit, but I felt somewhat limited when it came to special events that called for a different color scheme.

Since I will be using a different collection of papers for each week - I want to keep some elements the same through out the album so it doesn't completely look like a hodge podge.  

My intent is to keep some of the Flag Banner and Font used on Title Card the same each week. 

Left Side Page

Right Side Page

I made a 3 X 4 filler card with various "organizing" words to highlight what went on as we took down the holiday decorations.  


Somehow I have lost the pictures I took of Week 2.  I'll have to retake them and update this post later.


 Left Side

 Right Side
 This side was filled with Instagram pics - so the 4 X 4 slots were a perfect way to use those square format pictures without having to add a backer of filler.

It was a busy week - and I didn't have a lot of pictures to choose from, so I raided Little K's instagram feed and printed some of her pics (with photo credit of course)


 Left Side.  I wasn't thrilled with only have a 4 X 4 slot for the Title Card, but I managed to keep the same elements as previous weeks.

 I've seen several other Project Life users journaling in this "Week in Review" style.  I'm not much of a daily journaler, so this recap is working out perfect for me.  

I love including little "artifacts" into my Project Life, but I found out last year that the albums can get Very Fat - Very I'm trying to incorporate things with less texture, like the Saftey Information Card from a flight I took this week.  

I was going to just take the card, but then I started feeling guilty about leaving the next passenger without this important I asked the flight attendant first if it was OK (phew - apparently I could never be a thief - I had guilt written all over my face) 

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