Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Bento {of the year}

I'm feeling a little nostalgic as I make Little K's Last Bento Lunch for this year.

 (meatballs, flower shaped cucumber slices, apples and cherry tomatoes)

Mostly - because it may be the Last Bento Lunch I may EVER make for her.

She's moving up to the Middle School next year:

Where kids try to pretend they are Cool
to mask how Insecure they really feel
and make fun of anything and everything Different
to try and Feel better about themselves

Nope - I don't think we'll be packing any Bento Lunches next year - at least not for the first few months.  

Until she finds her way around and settles in with a bunch of kids that she doesn't yet know - and kids she has known for some time (but that have changed as they try to find their place)

I have faith - she has the confidence to stand up for what she wants.  
She isn't easily influenced by others.  
Although it's not always easy, and tears are shed. 

She is braver than she knows
She is stronger than others imagine

She will be just Fine
(I think we are talking about more than just Bento)

Maybe I should organize my Bento Stash after all.  I've been wanting to do that for several years.  It has a way of getting out of hand.  

I have a feeling I'm not completely done packing Bentos - not just yet. 


  1. She will miss those special lunches for sure! Do kids pack in middle school...I don't remember? I can't believe you have a bento stash...wow!

  2. NOOO!!! Don't stop!!! Mine started middle school this year and (knock on wood) it was an EASY transition for her. She fell into having lunch with the best group of girls. I started using cloth napkins in a juvenile print this year and her friends all thought they were great. My bentos aren't ANYTHING fancy like yours, but she does only pack food in reusable bento boxes and other containers and her friends love to see what she's brought. I think your bentos will make her cool!

    That looks VERY organized to me!!! I would be so happy if my itty bitty kitchen stuff was that easy to find and access.

  3. Middle school can be a tough time, but I'll bet she'll want bento once in awhile. Yours always looks so yummy!