Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graduation Time

It's that time of year - kids are graduating and moving on.  

We had the honor of attending one of the most beautiful Commencement Ceremonies I have ever been to - for an equally beautiful young lady.

In addition to a sweet card, made by Little K, using our favorite new craft material - Washi Tape...

We also made a little Cap and Gown Money Holder.

Made from a simple square jewelery box.  We were lucky to find one in the Grads color of Hunter Green.

Inside we tucked some rolled up bills.

Added a punched circle to the inside of the lid with our Congratulations sentiments.  Not only for a little decoration - but it hides the brad that holds on the tassel (made from embroidery floss).

Since she is a graduate of the Class of 2012
we managed to roll the bills so they show

~ 2012 ~

So proud of all our friend who have worked so hard this year.

Congratulations Graduates


Bring On Summer!


  1. You are so clever! I love the bills rolled into 2012!

  2. Daughter is graduating and lots of parties to hit. Brilliant idea!

  3. Perfect...8 grad parties on our street how you showed 2012!

  4. How fun is this???!!! I love how you rolled the money to show the date and the mortar board box is wonderful!!

  5. Very cute Karina! I did a similiar gift for my nephew yesterday using a plastic paint can...from pinterest of course!

  6. You are the most creative person I know! This is such a cute graduation gift, and I love the 2012 dollar bills.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Wow, this is amazing!! I'm Pinning this!! I'd tag you, but I'm not sure I know your name on Pinterest!

  8. This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X

  9. The idea is cute, and I will probably use it for my daughter's upcoming 2015 college graduation, but I cannot believe nobody noticed that "congratulations" is spelled incorrectly. Just below the 2012, it says "congratultions Kristin", with a missing "a".

    1. Hello D

      OOPS - you are correct - I did make a Type-O and you are indeed the only person to call it out :)
      I'm glad you like my idea. I'm sure our sweet friend Kristin didn't mind a little mistake, as she knows it was made with love and the best intentions. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed our gift despite the small error. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  10. Hello - love this idea and going to use it for a couple upcoming graduations. I'm just wondering if you used anything to keep the bills from rolling around when the cover gets open?

    1. Yes, I too am curious...any trick to keeping the bills all lined up so nicely? Obviously the package is going to have to travel in some way, and eventually end up in the graduate's hands. When they open the box you want the bills representing each of the digits to be in place. We, as the gift giver, want to have that visual impact when the graduate sees their graduation year all "spelled" (well, "numbered" ;] ) out... Hope to see your posting very soon, Katrina. One grad event we'll be attending is THIS weekend!

    2. I didn't secure the rolled bills in any way. The fluffy cotton padding in the bottom of the box provided just enough lift - that when the Lid (cap) was in place, the slight pressure on the bills kept them from rolling without squishing them flat.

      You can see in the 3rd picture how the bills are raised slightly above the top of the box when the lid is off. If you are concerned about the bills moving - a small strip of re-positionable double sided tape across the back of the bills should do the trick.

      Thanks for your comment - Karina