Monday, November 7, 2011

Decorated for Fall

The Fall Harvest Party is this weekend. I'm pretty much completed decorating the house. There are always a few more things that need done, but I think it's time to stop (because there is a boat load of food that needs prepped).


Front Doors

I love these double doors - but it presents a problem when all your holiday decorations are made for a single door.

Pumpkin and Moss Door Wreath

I needed some kind of decoration Duo. So I made a quick set of simple wreathes tied with burlap bows. I'll be using burlap for the table runners, so I thought it was a great tie in. Very messy to make - but very easy.

Mini Pumpkins

I wanted to use real mini pumpkins, but their scale was too large, so I ended up with artificial ones. I'm not thrilled with the "shiny" look - so I may give them a quick spray with a matte varnish to see if that helps. But for now - they are good enough.

For the Family Room - I made a "Welcome" Banner to string across the mantle.

Welcome Banner Mantle

What do you call them? Banner - Bunting - Garland - Flags - Pennants?

Welcome Banner

Whatever they are called - I seem to be infatuated with them lately.

Banner button detail

I made this one from a collection of fall fabrics (I love picking out coordinating fabrics). The letters are cut from felt and appliqued to the flags with a cute zig zag stitching. I had to include some buttons.

Notice how the apple fabric and button details match the invitations we sent? I love it when things come together like that.

Welcome Banner

I also made a few extra banners. They are for sale in the shop (and can be at your house in plenty of time for Thanksgiving).

I had some leftover fabric from the banner - so I made a table runner using this easy - quilt as you go - tutorial.

Fall Table runner

I am sooooo not a quilter - so I was thrilled with this unique method where you sew and quilt all at the same time.

Fall Table Runner

Candle Cozy

And I couldn't resist making a Candle Cozy while I was at it.

Now on the the Kitchen Nook area.

I love changing out these shelves seasonally. The mantle in the Living Room is very shallow which doesn't offer many options - so I make up for it with these shelves.

Kitchen Display

Pumpkin Goard Shelf

Some of the elements are part of the display year round (like the chicken and pottery).

Pumpkin Candle

Other things get moved from elsewhere in the house (the candle stick usually holds a candle in the Family Room). For this display - I added a fall berry ring and one of those fun green/white/orange pumpkins.

Are they pumpkins or gourds?

Leaf Frame Shelf

I had plans to put vintage bird prints into these yard sale frames - but now I think I like them better empty.

Picture of Leaves

Some paper leaves cut from scrapbook paper with the edges inked add a little touch of Fall. I had intended to use real fall leaves - but we've only just started to get cold here, so there is not a lot of color on the trees yet.

You can see how I decorated the Office Mantle here. I have a display of straw bails, pumpkins and gourds near the front door - but it's hard to photograph (because it's on an incline) - but I'll try and show that later.

If you happen to be a pinterest follower - many of these ideas will look familiar to you. You can see the inspiration over on my Fall Entertaining board.

Now I'm off to the store to get my food ingredients.

Happy Fall!


  1. WOW! Your sewing skills are just as fabulous as your other crafting skills. I am sooo impressed! I have been giving myself a pep talk this week to finally sew my bedroom drapes. I know it's not that big of a deal, but for some reason I can't get started. :(

    LOVE all your special touches. Your guests are going to be wow'ed! :)

    PS...I have that same Southern Living candle stick. Oh, I mean "willow house." ;)

  2. I love everything you made here. I am really in love with your gorgeous front doors. They are stunning! Can't wait to see what is on your menu. :)

  3. Everything you make is always cute cute cute! You have great style! LOVE your front doors- they are gorgeous! Bunting, garland, penants, banner...they all work! You're so good at finding the right colors to go together!

  4. Your house looks beautiful Karina and perfectly ready for a party!! I love the bunting...pennant... flag!!:) I am a bit infatuated with them too. I just made my very first one this week, sadly it was made of paper (but I still LOVE IT!)...i am working up to pulling that old sewing machine out of the closet!:)
    I love your white shelves. I really want my hubby to make some for our kitchen. I think they are a perfect way to add some charm and seasonal goodies.:)
    I'm sure you are in full party mode about now!
    I know it will all go beautifully.
    have a happy day karina

  5. Wonderful job on the table runner - thanks so much for sending me the link. I'm glad it turned out so well for you. EVERYTHING looks darling. All the details are perfect!