Monday, November 8, 2010

Shelf Paper

Am I the only person in the world who uses Shelf Paper?

Actually - based on the condition of the inside of the cabinets when we moved into our new home - you don't need to answer that.

In the Beginning

And based on the very limited options of Shelf Paper in the stores - you don't need to answer that.

Shelf Paper

Clearly - I am the only person that still uses Shelf Paper.

I don't know why I do? Maybe it was years of living in college dorms and not so clean apartments that made me want to cover up all signs of a previous tenant. Maybe it's because many of our homes have been older and have shown wear and tear? Maybe it was what my Mom taught me? Maybe I just have issues?

All Clean

Whatever the reason, there is nothing better (to me) than a nice clean foundation to put away all your personal belongings.

In our new house - we have some really cool cabinets - so it was kind of fun.


This is our kitchen pantry - with shelves lining the inside of the doors and fold away hinged shelves inside to get access to the full depth of the cabinet.

Magic Silverware Drawer

The silverware drawer is behind a fold down drawer front - complete with built in dividers and a cutting board.

My Helper

Thank goodness for Little K's helping hands. I'm too old to be down on my hands and knees reaching those bottom cabinets.

My favorite "surprise" was this one. Any guesses as to what's behind this drawer?

Hidden Surprise

Have you figured it out yet?

Keep Guessing

Yep - a built in ironing board spring loaded in one of the Laundry Room drawers.

Ironing Board

Funny thing is - we had no idea it was there until I started to line the drawers.

Sweet hubby had been living in the house for almost a month - sleeping on an air mattress, with none of our household belongings (while we were packing up in AZ).

He even went out and purchased an iron so he could iron his work shirts. He was using the kitchen counter as an ironing board, when all the while - this perfectly good ironing board was in the next room mocking him.

Everything is all put away and most of this pretty clean shelf paper can no longer be seen. But I feel better knowing it's there.


  1. Fantastic cabinets! And you're not alone. I use shelf paper too!

  2. I use shelf paper. There's nothing like it for a quick clean-up.

    Elisabeth @
    Treasuring the

  3. Shelf paper is fab and due to make a comeback soon. I have a whole box of paper my mother bought and never used, really wacky 60s prints. And I love the ironing board! You have a fun blog!