Monday, June 21, 2010

Nancy Drew....What to Wear?

I had grand plans on making Little K a vintage style dress for her Nancy Drew Birthday Party. I found a pattern, and fabric, but as usual, ran out of time.

As luck would have it - we were able to pull together a pretty good looking outfit from things already in her closet, and a few key additional last minute finds.

Nancy was all about the knee socks - and loafers. As long as we had those covered, I though we were in good shape. Add a little plaid skirt and we're home free.

The Penny Loafers were found on clearance at Walmart, as was the turtleneck knit sweater. It had the sweetest 3/4 sleeves with turned up button cuffs.

The pin is made from stacked vintage buttons and an antique crochet flower.

The Nancy Drew Mystery Book of the moment - The Secret of Red Gate Farm.

My sweet little Nancy Drew - I think she played the part perfectly.

Other parts of her Fun Party included: Invitations, Sweets, Decorations, The Mystery Game, and and Old Fashioned Lunch Menu.


  1. I would sooo hire you to do my parties for me if you lived near me Karina! I love her outfit, she is so cute and looks a lot like you. I love the first vintagey picture of her holding the book! Awesome picture!

  2. okay, she looks way too grown up in that last photo. Great photos, as alway!!

  3. Super cute party idea1 I can wait till my girls are into Nancy Drew!!
    Karina I found your blog through your bountiful basket post. I hope you don't mind but I mentioned you and linked to your blog from mine! BTW your recipes from that post look so fab! I love the pics!!

  4. Just wanted to say that I received a message from you on Flickr. I tried to answer but you seem to have me blocked. I wanted to tell you that I have recently discovered Flickr and am almost obsessed with it. I love collecting craft and food ideas for my grandchildren. You have a lot of good ones that I have marked as favorites. I haven't had the nerve yet to post anything of my own, that's why I don't have photos or a profile.
    Sorry if I made you nervous.

  5. Super cute! She looks just like Nancy from the movie. I (age 27) am addicted to the computer games!

  6. WOW...i love your posts and your style!!! Your little cutie pie is beautiful!!!

    HUGS - LORi