Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twirl Skirt

My Mom and I have been sewing up a storm while Little K and I have been visiting her in Pennsylvania. I brought some of my fabric stash with me, along with my favorite patterns, hoping to get some sewing projects completed. I'm happy to say, we've accomplished a lot.

It's amazing how quickly the sewing goes when you have two people working on the same project, not to mention that my mother is much better than I am. I have to admit, she did all of the actual sewing, but I was there to cut out the patterns, pin, iron and chose the fabrics and notions, so I'll take some of the credit.

This Twirl Skirt was made using the Redondo pattern.

The Front

The Back

Twirling in Action

I've used this pattern before, but never in the "plain" version. Previously I added ruffles to the bottom, and for another skirt, I added ruffles along the vertical spiral seams. I love how many ways to can modify this one pattern. When you are not adding any ruffles, it goes fairly quickly. Plus, this pattern is great for me because I can never choose just ONE favorite fabric, and this allows me to use up to 5. The bottom edge is finished off with bias tape.

I think every little girl can't help but smile when they are "twirling" in a Twirl Skirt, and Little K is no exception. She loves it.


  1. Beautiful skirt! The colors and fabric are fantastic.

  2. My Daughter would LOVE this skirt, how pretty!!!

    You're right, every little girl loves to twirl...

    If you get a chance come visit my Blog and say hi!

    Have a great day,

  3. Now that is just precious! I would love one like that~

  4. Can you make one for me in an adult size??? Love it!!!!